Hair Spray?

In the Relaxed and Trimmed post, I stated that I rinsed the hair with the ACV diluted in water in order to rid the hair of the crunchiness from the mousse used. I was wrong!

Since the rinsing was done in the evening, I went to bed with wet hair so I couldn't tell if the rinsing was effective. Next morning, I couldn't get a wide tooth comb through the hair! I needed to style the hair for an important meeting yet I couldn't do anything to it. I dressed up and went to the stylist. When she saw the hair, she asked if I'd applied water to it. I responded in the affirmative and told her the hair was too hard and crunchy. Then, she said," it is the hair spray". Hair spray?

I've always avoided that stuff but because I wasn't concentrating on what was going on with my hair, I didn't even know when she used the spray. She could put the hair into a somewhat bun and when I returned in the evening, I co-washed twice, combed the hair and air dried. In the course of air drying, my husband came in and tried playing in the wet hair. When he touched the hair, the first thing he asked was,"why is the hair so clumped up?" The co-wash didn't work.

We had a black out later in the night so I had to use my phone to find solutions. Baking soda was recommended to rid the hair of the spray but I haven't used one on my hair before so I wasn't comfortable with it. I looked through the products in my drawer and found a bottle of Bo-16 shampoo. I stepped in the shower ! I applied the shampoo, combed it through the hair and rinsed. I did this three times! I followed it up with a conditioner and a deep conditioner for overnight deep conditioning.

As I write this, I still have the deep conditioner on the hair. I'll keep you updated!

I washed out the deep conditioner with lukewarm water. Because I'm going out, I blow dried after applying heat protection. I think the hair is back to its old self lol. 



  1. hahahahhahahahhhahhaha.
    am laughing in CAPS!!!!

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    PS. You can never have too many nominations :)

    1. Thanks a lot. I did one about two weeks ago!


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