My German Hair Experience

Divas,am s0 sorry I  haven't been blogging of  late. I was away  in Germany doing a summer programe and  forgot my camera cable. Because I hate blogging wthout pictures, I decided to wait till I came home to write any posts.You can't imagine how I missed you guys soo much .Am back  now and will be sharng with you some of my experiences; both hair related  and non-hair related.

My German Hair Experience

So, before going for my trip,I decided I didn't want to carry all my hair products along and  with all the luggage restrictions about liquids and stuff, I just decided to get braids to save me all the trouble.
You  know how scared I am of Ghanaian hairdressers, so to  save  myself all the hassle and  pain, prior to going, I stretched my hair using a blowdryer with a comb  attachment (am  going to start doing videos soon). Quite recently,I found out that when my hair is fully strecthed, its easy for the hairdresser to braid my hair and it's also comfortable for me because I experience less pain.

The style i did is called loose braids but because  of the tendency  of naturlly strecthed  hair to revert to its natural state and make the hair look older,i had her do the zip  at the roots of the hair.The zip style fixes the natural hair in such a way that it is not seen.its a bit complex to describe so i'll show you later.I used 3 packs of outre kanekalon( colour 33(brown) and colour 1(black).

I experienced the perhaps the harshest conditions my hair hair has ever been subjected to. On my arrival in Karlshruhe, my hair was so dry and itchy that every morning after I took my shower, i would pour water into my hair just to get some moistures in there. I even had to improvise and use my body lotion in addition to the water. It worked but I wouldn't recommend trying it unless you find yourself in a non-English speaking country like I did with no hopes of finding products with ingredients written in German.
At the Summer Acadey at Karlshochule nternational University, some of my friends wondered if the braids were my real hair.I thought it was funny!!!But i explained to them the concept of African Hair braiding techniques.

After, the course, I stayed with an aunt for sometime and she happened to own an Afro Shop with a salon.So I decided, I didn't want to come back to Africa looking all messed up, so i took out the braids and washed my hair;I didnt even deep condition it ,twisted it and had these results...

Prior to having my hair done again, I washed it,dee pconditioned and for the first time did a tension blowout method, because my aunt did not have the comb attachment.It was less tedious than having to comb through the hair with a comb attachment,I would like to use this method again.And just look at my hair!!!!

In deciding what style to do, I choose a weave colour that I wasn't so comfortable with because I wasn't sure if that would firm into the law firm image that I had in mind.This is the curly weave i had done for me.

On my return to Ghana, I decided to change it and get my regular color black. I bought 2 packs of STAR human hair.The 14 inches cost 14 cedis and the 12 inches cost 12 cedis. The hair was very fine until, the hairdresser decided to put in a lump of grease and fry the hair with the straigthener.

Unitl next time.Keep rockin it like nobody's business.


  1. I would never have thought of using anythinhg other than hair cream on my hair. Glad it didn't damage it. BTW I liked the curly weave on you.

  2. Yea ,me too.In this country, you just can't get natural hair done at a saloon without loosening your hair.You are bound to shed tears when they braid it in its natural state.Thanks for the compliment.


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