New Hair Plans

  1. After using the ORS Replenishing conditioner, I confirmed the theory that my hair loves light protein more than the moisture based deep conditioner. Simply because after using the Queen Helene cholesterol, the hair was puffy the whole week no matter what I did-even flexi rods didn't work. This week, my hair was smooth after air drying so I can have a flexi set for Sunday.  But there are other things in the pipe line:
  2. Stick to only VO5 conditioners for detangling; they've always worked well for my hair
  3. GHE or Baggy at least once a week
  4. No more co-washing; both deep conditioners and conditioners cost the same amount so I'd rather deep condition twice a week
  5. Purchase KeraCare shampoo or any other sulphate free shampoo now that the current one is running low. I'll also need a new moisturizer and am targeting ORS Carrot Oil.
  6. Decided to continue relaxing; I've been flirting with transitioning and have discussed with it some friends. Knowing how indecisive I can be, I'm not sure so for now, that is out. I love my hair either way. 
September Deep Conditioning Rendezvous
  1. Deep condition (DC) with Dark n Lovely (DL) cholesterol, which has light protein after co-washing on 11th September.
  2. DC with DL on dry hair on 18th September
  3. DC with Queen Helene on 21st
  4. DC with DL plus Queen Helene cholesterol on 25th September
  5. DC with Queen Helene on 28th September
  6. Relaxer @ 8 weeks-ORS replenishing conditioner+ Queen Helene cholesterol for deep conditioning with ACV rinse 

You might be wondering why I have such a schedule. Well, the weather has been too dry and I need to prevent severe breakage. I'll keep you updated on what happens at the end of the month.



  1. I don't know if I broke the rules...but I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award and realized it as I was putting my post together. I saw your message under one of my blog posts! Thanks for nominating me!

    1. It doesn't matter. I'm currently reading your tit bits.


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