Relaxer Update (3): Relaxed And Trimmed

I am three days short of eight weeks post relaxer but I did relax today. I said I was doing it at 8 weeks but didn't explain why. After the last touch up, had severely under processed hair; I didn't talk about it because there was nothing to be done at that time. Instead of a corrective relaxer, I did the 8 weeks since I had enough growth for the relaxer. I applied some oils to the relaxed parts yesterday as well as in this morning (I did a protein treatment a week earlier). This time, I went to my regular and favourite hair dresser; she was available.

When I got to her place, I asked if she had a neutralizing shampoo (I couldn't find mine and didn't want to go to the mall at that time of the morning because of terrible traffic). Fortunately, she had a color indicator one so she started by basing my edges with oil and as the relaxed parts!I had not told her what to do so I was pleased with that move.

Then, she applied the relaxer to the new growth and whilst smoothing the hair, she smoothed the relaxer to the under processed parts using her fingers then a small teeth comb.  I wasn't going for texlaxed hair so I acturally wasn't worried about the comb. The whole process took about 15 minutes and unlike the previous touch up, I didn't sit down; she washed the hair once I realized the time was up.

I also did a protein plus moisture treatment after washing out the relaxer. Honestly, I wasn't concentrating so the treatment came after the neutralizing and I also forgot of the ACV I'd taken along (I was having a horrible time with my body). All went well and when it was time for pictures, I realized I hadn't taken my camera nor my camera phone.

I asked her to trim my ends since I trust her with my hair. She trimmed after applying the leave-in, did a roller set and we were done. Somehow, she decided to use a mousse to hold the hairstyle she did but when I got home, the hair was so crunchy that I couldn't lie on it so I diluted the forgotten ACV and rinsed the hair. It felt better.

So, that's that! I'll definitely add pictures after I wash it on Friday!

PS: I've been preparing for the graduation and still don't know which hair style to choose.


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