Wash Day Drama

--> As of today, am 5 weeks post relaxer and this time, I chose to wash on Wednesday because I wanted to have enough days to try out new styles for Sunday.
I didn't pre-poo since the decision was an impromptu one. I shampooed with the Mane N Tail moisturizing shampoo and follwed it with an acv rinse (still experimenting). Then came the Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner that I recently purchased. My hair loves a bit of protein and this product has worked well for me in the past so I decided to visit it again; It's going to be part of my stables. It has a lot of slip which is good for detangling.
I went to bed with the deep conditioner and washed it out in the morning. My hubby asked that I run some errands for him so I'd decided to blow dry. This is where the drama started! As soon as I picked up the leave-in, the lights went off-black out!I,initially, thought we had run out of power so I dashed off to the nearest hair dresser to get a roller set only to be told it was a blackout...

Here I was with wet hair and no time to wait for air drying. I needed a solution quickly! Then I recalled I had turned one of my full wigs to a U-part one so I gathered the hair and pinned it down, leaving out a small portion for the leave-out. I fixed the wig on and here's how it looked. I simply cut the closure out and that's how the day was saved!
Btw, I passed by one of my hair dressers to check on some weaves and she swore I was lying about it being a wig. She did a thorough inspection before accepting the hard truth; she's eager to create one for me using weave pieces. We'll see about that!

Catch you later....



  1. Betty9:36 am

    tell hsbee that da nxt tme he wnts to send u, he shd ensure there wl b no black out. hahahaa... cos I blv if it wr 2 hpnd 2 me, it wld have been disaster. hvn't mstered ma wig skills yet.

    1. Hahaha, you never know what they have in mind.I'll get someone to do a better u part wig. If it goes well, I'll let you so you can get one.


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