When God Moves...

 You may be wondering about the title so here it comes.  I shared some of the challenges women in Ghana encounter in the course of their education. At that time, I knew I will be graduating but was unsure of the when.

At the department where I studied, full time students have at least two years to complete their studies with a maximum of three years. The first year is for course work and during that period, you also defend your proposal. When your research topic is approved, you are assigned two supervisors. Writing of the thesis commences once you have the approval. When the research is done, you present it to the department to be forwarded to the Faculty for external and internal examination( the examiners also grade the work).
After the examination, the work is returned and presented to you for defense, which is also graded (By God's grace, my defense went very very well).Following the defense is further corrections or additions to the work, then the submission of the final work to the department. At this stage, both the department and Faculty will review the work for further corrections (or none) before it is eventually sent to the graduate board. Again, your work is reviewed. When all goes well, you are given the nod to be graduated otherwise, you make any corrections or additions before you can be approved for graduation/ getting a cert. With all this, I was not sure of when I will be graduating; either in September or March.

July passed, August passed and I hadn't had any information about the research. I started closing my mind to the September graduation because I didn't believe anything will be done to the work in the month of graduation preparations. I had prayed and by the end of August, I had lost faith in leaving school this year. It's been a tough journey and I wanted it to end soon. I asked God to speed up the review process; asked him to work a miracle.

Two weeks into September, I get a mail from my BFF telling me she'd gone for her certificate and will be graduating.  Then came the news;my name has been included in the list of graduands for this month! There are a few things I need to verify and if all turns out well, you'll be seeing some graduands in pictures!


  1. Congrats, its a great feeling when you know you're done.


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