Add Silk Amino Acids To Your Regimen

First and foremost, what is silk amino acid ingredient and what does it do? Read the previous post (Know Your Protein Part One) But, the question is, "how do I incorporate silk amino acid in my regimen?

If you have silk amino in  powder or liquid form  that you want to use together with your hair products, you can do so through the following ways.
  • Pre-relaxer treatement: Use the liquid one straight on your hair a few hours before relaxing. This is to serve as a buffer against the relaxer.
  • Apply to your ends and leave to dry
  • Add it to your leave-in conditioners for the hair to absorp it. This nourishes your hair and prevent breakage. 
  • Add to your Deep conditioner mixture to provide a boost in the elasticity of your hair. 
  • As a rinse, the powder can be used to restore the protein in the hair. 
I  got my chi silk infusion and haven't slept on it at all! It's a must have for all relaxed hair ladies.



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