Cleansing For The new Year

After reading a post on New beginnings for the upcoming year from Nadege of RelaxedHairHealth, I realised I'd already started making way for the new year though I'd not written them down.

A week ago, I decided to cleanse my wardrobe of any unused clothing-from dresses, shorts to blouses, pairs of jeans trousers. I started off with what I wear out-those dresses which couldn't fit anymore mostly and  I've had them for ages! I, then, moved to those I wear to church and honestly, there were some I've had since 2008 and further than that; yeah, I know it's been a long time!
I also had some pair of jeans trousers I'd stopped wearing since last year yet were in the wardrobe. Most of the attires were meant for school so they were pretty casual.  Now, I can purchase new ones and the first will be work clothes as am heading towards the working world. I also have other clothes I'd love to purchase so I'll be making a list of those before the month ends. After I uncluttered the wardrobe, the available space was massive. I'm quite pleased to know the  attires left are those I use.

The next cleansing is my shoes. I've some shoes which are in horrible states yet lying about. I'll throw those away; I'll give a few to my sis-in-law, whose is the owner of StVicky Clothen, to add some glam to them with some cool fabrics.

My bad eating habits have caused me lots of tummy flop so three weeks ago, my husband invited me to one of his work out sessions and I've been hooked since then. I've already noticed improvement and am going to  continue it until I get the results. I used to say I'll do the exercise after having my babies but I've learnt it's better to have tough muscles before birth for several benefits.

I have other stuff to take care of and as the year rolls on, I'll keep you updated.

What about you?



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