How To: Use Water In Hair Care

For so many years, I believed water was my hair's number one enemy be it natural or relaxed. This mentality was mostly derived from what hair dressers said:

  • Dirty hair increases hair growth
  • Washing freshly relaxed hair will cause it to revert
These were the popular ideas and they definitely got into my head. Now, I've come know that water is an integral part of my healthy hair journey and I want to share with you, how I've incorporated this essential commodity into my regimen.

First and foremost, water can be used both internally and externally. One strategy I've adopted in increasing my intake is to make sure that whenever I take a sachet, I empty it. Six sachet water is approximately 1 litre so if within a day am able to take three sachets, then I've taken half a litre! 

Another method is to prepare my beverages with loads of water. Since I don't add sugar to my beverages, I don't mind the taste I get from using plenty of water. So, for example, if am using two teaspoons of Milo, I add about a mug full of water! What matters to me is the water I take in.

Sometimes, I try to take in more fruits if I can afford to. Melons can be quite cheap when in season and I utilize each fruit season to the max. When I increase my water intake, I also feel energized and somehow, fatigue seems to also diminish.

Since I started washing my own hair, I don't worry about how much I have to spend at the salon each week. I do give myself the occasional salon visits. I can wash at any time and any day. I also have water and glycerin spritz I use on the hair before bed time.

More water, Divas!


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