My Four Hair Dressers

Now, why do I have four hair dressers?

1. Hair dresser A- She's just about 5 minutes away from my house so for proximity sake, I go to her when am in real need of a quick fix. Her salon is not what you might expect but what I love about her is her quest to learn more and also listening to what I ask of her. So far, she's done on touch-up plus two braids-one of the braiding went baddddddd!

2. Hair dresser B- She's about 30 minutes walk from my house and so far,she's one of my favourite (that might change). I love the fact that she is sensitive to her clients' needs and due to that,she is very gentle when handling the hair. She's also a good braider and all the braiding I've done at her place went pretty smoothly. Most of the washes and touch-ups are done by hair and I'll definitely recommend her to anyone who needs her services especially touch-ups and braids.

3. Hair dresser C- my weave hair dresser; she does 90% of my weaves and am currently in one. I'll update you on that soon. Her salon is what I classify as "A or Top class". Her place is lovely and she is well versed in hair care. The only thing that prevents me from going to her is the distance I have to cover in order to reach her. The weaves for sew-ins are expensive so I don't joke with that one. The current weave cost me almost 80gh or $50(which is a bit expensive when converted into the local currency) but I love her works. She's innovative, creative and jovial. I do miss her and I was so glad when I went to her again. I might do a review of her salon!She's the only hair dresser who washes my hair with lukewarm water followed by a cold rinse. She also sells loads of hair products including Wild growth oil. I adore herrrrrrrrr!!!

4. Hair dresser 4-my neighbour; I go to her only when I want to deep condition with a hooded dryer. She doesn't braid hair.

So, I'm going to be referring to the hair dresses using the alphabets to identify who I went to at a particular time.



  1. Beautiful your blog, congratulations. Besos desde España.

  2. Very good reasons to have more than one. I'm too lazy to look for more than one plus town is so small it would seriously offend my hairdresser.

    1. She doesn't want competition lol.

  3. This was hilarious but very valid! I am going to a new weaver myself because she's super inexpensive...I hope I love her so I can continue to save $!

    1. I wonder why weaves and its installation is so expensive!

  4. racheal12:42 am

    hi i really need the wild growth hair oil. you said your hairdresser sells it..pls contact me on


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