She’s amazing, she’s beautiful, she’s talented and she’s natural!!!!
She’s Lydia Forson. For those who don’t know here this is a short biography about her.
Born in Mankessim,Ghana, Lydia Forson received her early life education at Wilmore Elementary school in Kentucky, US. At the age of nine, she relocated from the United States to Ghana where she continued her formative education at Akosombo International School. She also attended St. Louis Secondary School in Kumasi where she completed her senior secondary school.

She graduated from the University of Ghana where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Information Studies.
Lydia Forson's acting career started with a cameo role in Hotel St. James (2005), Run Baby Run (2006), Different Shades of Blue (2007) and a stint in the reality show The Next Movie Star in Nigeria (2007).
As an actress who believes in quality scripts, she suffered a career break after the above cameo appearances due to the quality of scripts that came her way.

She worked on Scorned, which won  her first nomination as the Best Upcoming Female Actress in the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).
She also starred in the multiple awards winning The Perfect Picture. She has recently starred in hit movies such as A Sting in A Tale,Phone Swap and Masquerades.

I was shocked when I heard that she was natural .I mean how many actresses in Ghana do you know who are natural; I don’t know!!! do you? I wonder how she has been able to climb up the ladder so high because everyone represents the African woman in most movies with straight hair. At this point, I may just have to thank God for weaves and wigs which allow us to change our looks from time to time  but I really congratulate her on how far she

 has come.

In her new movie the Oracle, I taught she had given up the natural hair for the role but according to an article I read on she just straightened it for the role (I pray she doesn’t suffer from heat damage).I think thse days,hanians are becoming accstomed and more open to people's choices to go natural.

I love you girl. You are truly an inspiration to me and I hope you keep the natural flag flying  !!!!


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