No More Shampoo!

Except when I want to clarify, which will be once a month.

I've unconsciously taken mental notes of my hair after each wash day, co-wash day and when doing only deep conditioning on wet hair. A few days ago, I informed you of my unfortunate incident with hair spray and how I had to use a shampoo, three time, to get rid of the spray.

Well, after the shampoo, I followed up with Optimum Stay Strong conditioner and I could, immediately, tell the difference it made. Whereas the hair felt tangled, matted and too clean after the shampoo, the conditioner seems to have restored some moisture back into the hair. I could, actually, feel the softness and tangle-free results from the conditioner.

In as much as the use of shampoo is to rid the hair of build up, I've come to the realization that my hair thrives better with conditioner. I admit that I've not been using a sulphate free shampoo and since I'm yet to purchase one, it will do my hair some good if I avoid the dryness; the sulphate based shampoos. I,initally, wanted to use up all the shampoo I had but I think I might put it to other use eg washing my hair t-shirt with

Aside this, I'm sticking to my resolve of using only a conditioner with slip eg VO5. The current ones don't do a good job when it comes to detangling but I'll use them up and hope to get the VO5 as part of the new year purchases.
I'll monitor how my hair fares with only the conditioner and I'll still continue with the pre-poo.



  1. Sulphate free shampoos work better for me and my air is okay with a cowash but I can tell the most in how it's acting on wash days. If it wasn't tangled from the flexiset I doubt my hair would ever tangle in the shower and usually by the time I deep condition that's mostly resolved. But the longer my hair gets the more it's getting tangled.

  2. Use Alata Samina to shampoo your hair girl(a fellow Ghanaian).It is Sulphate free and CHEAP! The only thing about using that samina is, it will strip the hair of its natural oils so i use it once a month as a clarify. I love it!


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