Wash Day

For this weekend, I started the wash process on Thursday and ended on Friday afternoon.

I pre-pooed by covering the entire head with the oils and covered with plastic bag + shower cap -sort of hot oil treatment for two hours. The hair was dripping wet when I took the cap off (this hot weather). I applied Dark n Lovely Ultra-Cholesterol conditioning mask for 7 minutes, rinsed it out, applied Optimum stay strong conditioner, rinsed and did a black tea rinse. I went to bed after applying Queen Helen cholesterol (remember I do this whilst taking my bath lol).

Next morning, I did some house chores and since I wanted to roller set, I went to my hair dresser (let me call    her A- the one who did the August touch-up whereas the September touch-up was by hair dresser B). I actually have four hair dressers and I'll explain why in another post. Right before she started washing the hair, I had to attend to an emergency so I threw on a scarf; it was quite cute. By the time I got back, the hair had dried up from the hot sunshine!Even though I  had done a light protein deep conditioning on the Monday, I noticed some breakage so I incorporated the black tea rinse plus another light protein on the wash day.

Instead of a shampoo, I asked her to use a conditioner- she's done a co-wash for me once so it wasn't a new thing. After 45 minutes, I was out of the dryer. Then, the salon owner sort of questioned/remarked,"why don't you straighten the hair?...." my stylist answered," she will do it when she feels like it; you know there's nothing she wouldn't do for her hair". I couldn't help but laugh! Then, the owner had this to say about not using a shampoo-when you use a shampoo, it leaves your hair limp; a conditioner thickens the hair (Do you agree?)

Sorry for the poor quality pictures- they were taken with my phone's so-called camera.

Am still in the process of finding what works for my hair so don't be surprised to see a different routine next week. It might interest you to know that I write down my wash process in the course of the week. This helps me to plan ahead and to gather all the tools needed.

Till another update, keep up the good works!


  1. I'm so jealous of your awesome stylist! lol

    1. we definitely have our moments.lol.

  2. I agree...I think it's cool to experiement with different regimens, that's the only way to find out what works for you hair and what doesn't. Keep up the good work!


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