Be Inspired: African Hair Bloggers

I follow a lot of hair blogs and in the process, I've come across ladies who have and are still making an impact in hair care in Africa. For these ladies, healthy hair is not limited to those in the diaspora; it is a world wide phenomena and extends to this part of the world. These are the few I know; if you know of any other, kindly drop it in the comment box. In no particular order:

  1. Dabs of
  2. Omozo of
  3. NaturalNigerian of
  4. Fomsky of
  5. Natmane of
  6. Tendayi  of


  1. These seem interesting!!! I'll definitely check them out!
    Much Love Chari T (Deep Fried Stilettos)xoxo

  2. Ellen A1:18 pm

    can please show me where to get henna powder. my mom wants one show badly and i want to use on

  3. ghanaianemprezz1:36 pm

    If you are in Ghana, you can get some at madina market. simply ask for leele, which is the local name.

  4. Stella Serwa2:46 pm

    I can really get henna in Ghana....wowwwwwwwww!! My!! Serwa of

  5. AfroDiva Nally8:16 am

    you can get some at marxt mart at 37. It was 12 cedi about a year ago


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