Hey Divas!!!,

Today is Free Fro Day!!!
It's been a loooonnnnggg time since I wore my fro to work.

Wash Routine(Sunday Night).
I threw in 4 table spoons of Vitalz Hair Mayonnaise into my hair,one tablespoon  for each section.I didn't add any oils to it because I was feeling too lazy and the lights were out. I braided each section into two strand twists and covered by hair with a polybag for about twenty minutes.

I put on some water to boil and when it was ready,I mixed it with the cold tap water.
I don't have a shower in my bathroom (most people in Ghana bucket bath).Please not that I always wash my hair when I am about to bath. I took my small stool and sat in the bathroom, added water to a section of my hair and finger combed it thoroughly.I then diluted my alata samina shampoo with water in a bowl.I poured an amount onto the section of the hair and with  my finger tips massaged my scalp.

After cleaning my scalp,I poured some of the solution onto my hair to wash it(previous experience skipping this process has led to conditioner in my hair after washing-not a good thing at all).
I repeated for the same process for the rest of the sections.I then took my shower afterwards.

After threw entire wash of body and hair.I added leave-in conditioner to my hair and some mustard oil. I comb a section of the hair with a wide tooth comd and then a Denman Brush. I then did the banding method.

Check out my previos video on banding:

Enjoy the Week!!!Love you Guys!!!


  1. Tonkabelle11:56 am

    Your fro looks very nice!

  2. Looks good. I think I should help you wash it.

  3. saltedfashion2:03 pm

    Your hair looks so nice and chic!!!! much Love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo


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