My Two Year Natural Anniversary-Journey of Self-Love

--> Yay!!!
Its my 2 year Anniversary!!!
I cut my hair somewhere in October/November 2009 at the University of Ghana in level 300.
It's been an amzing experience since. It's been a journey of Self Love, Identity,Self Acceptance and so much more.

Some Tip for New Naturals:
1. Fire your Hairstylist:
I know this this is shocking. But moving yourself away from depending on your hairdresser for everything teaches you self dependence.You get to learn for yourself the basics of haircare. In my experence most hairdressers in Ghana are not specialists in natural hair care and so will discourage from embarking on this journey.

2. Research
There is a lot of information on natural hair on the internet.I did a lot of intensive research on products,tools,techniques and this really helped me a lot.

3.Know your Hair.
Doing the first two steps will help yo know your hair better,the kind of products to use etc,etc.

4.Alternative Protective Hair Styles
There are times when you will feel like its too much to handle.Its very normal.I did and still do sometimes feel like that. During these times, you can try alternative styles like braids,weaves, etc.

2.Join Natural Hair Communities(NHC)
There soo many NHC all over the web.For those of us in Africa, theres AfroDiva Dairies which is my personal facebook group. There's also Natural Nigerian who is based in Nigeria.
Others sites include African Naturals, African Women with Natural Hair, and a lot more.
These give you support and more information .


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