Natural Hair and Religion in Ghana

--> Many times have I been approached by people who often ask me if I am Seven Day Adventist or if I belong to Deeper Life(These are both churches that require members to have natural hair). And honestly, I used to get very upset because I don't understand why people just assume that because I had natural hair, it had to be re-inforced by a faith.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people of such faiths or people who make such comments. I've gotten to understand that most people in Ghana who were natural back in the day were Adventist and "Deeper Lifers" so its a natural tendency for people to assume so.

But honestly for me,going natural is a choice that one has to make because one chooses to and not because my church says so. Because after all,what happens after you no longer belong to the faith?

Have you had any such experiences?

Fill me in !!!


  1. abena9:25 am

    problem is they are rather doin the wrong thing by changing their hair to luk like or suit another races'

  2. Naana1:06 pm

    The perception we ghanaians have about our real hair will take time to fade away. I believe there needs to be an awareness created for people to love their hair weather it's relaxed, loc'd or natural. In loving their hair, they will make the right choices. love your site, keep up the good work.

  3. AfroDiva Nally12:10 pm

    Thats so deep,Naana.-Thanks.


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