This week, I reminded a lot of people of their grand-mothers and mothers during the 70's.
Apparently because I decided to wear my Afro. I went "old school" without even realising it.
And people just stared at me as if I was ........, I don't even know what word to use.

Some of the comments and questions I had from both men and women:
Are you wearing a wig?
My mom used to look like you.
Can I touch it?
How do you keep it?
How can you have so much hair?
Won't you lock it?
Your style is very different?
I admire your craziness.
Are you Ghanaian?

Honestly,I loved the attention. At the same time, in my mind some of the questions were like "for real ?" and had me rolling my eyes .It's been a very interesting week with my Afro!!!

I wonder what style I'll be wearing next week?
Can you guess?


  1. I love it! Yea, people can be rude & awkward when it comes to natural hair in general. Idk why it's hair! lol

  2. AnnetteAkye10:50 am

    hi Afrodiva what did you use to blow out your hair and did the weather not affect it by causing shrinkage?

  3. AfroDiva Nally9:59 am

    I do the banding method overnight and comb it out the next morning. My hair only shrinks when its humid in the rainy season( May to August) which has pretty much changed because of climate change. Now its getting close to harmattan so its less humid.

  4. AfroDiva Nally10:00 am

    i no right!!!lol!!!

  5. Gifty Brown4:12 am

    Love the afro! I will be transitioning into natural hair soon. I can't wait! Love your blog and i just subscribed. HOpe you like and follow mine at www.fallingofftherye.wordpress.com

  6. AfroDiva Nally12:07 pm

    thanks gurl!!!just subscribed to u!!!


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