R.Q.A: How Do I Wash My Own Hair?

It's R.Q.A time (Reader Question and Answer).
My ladies on facebook have asked me how I'm able to wash my own hair. To make it easier, I've decided to do a three part series on the whole concept of washing your own hair. This one will discuss what is required and how to do the wash, the second will be on drying techniques and the last will be on styling techniques.
How do you wash your own hair?  First, let me explain that there are several methods used in washing hair. I have several posts on my wash day showing how it is done but for my four determined ladies, here's the basic wash and you need to assemble all your tools, namely:
  • Water
  • Comb
  • Shampoo
  • Deep Conditioner eg Vitale hair mayonnaise, Organic Root Stimulator hair mayonnaise (this is what hair dressers call "steaming cream")
  • Leave-in
  • Oils eg Olive oil, coconut oil, etc
  • T-shirt for drying hair
Before Shampoo
Before using the shampoo, you can do what is known as "pre-poo". It means "before shampoo" and what it does is to protect the hair from the stripping effect of the shampoo; shampoos can dry out your hair. You can use any of your oils to cover the entire head. I use sheabutter or olive oil a few minutes before the shampoo. You can also cover the hair to generate heat for the oils to penetrate the hair or sit under a hooded dryer for a few minutes. This also provides extra moisture for the hair. It is known as " hot oil " treatment. Other people use a conditioner to protect the hair. 

I wash my hair in the bathroom mostly when am about taking my shower for convenience sake. Before going to bed,I wet the hair thoroughly and apply the shampoo,,and rinse. I then apply the deep conditioner, cover and go to bed (I don't have a hooded dryer for now).

The next morning, as I take my shower, I tilt the head backwards and rinse the deep conditioner out, from the forehead backwards to the back of the neck.
After wash
I detangle when am done with taking my shower and after I apply the leave-in conditioner. 

blow drying
Now, this is the point where most ladies will argue that they can't roller set their hair so they are not in the position to wash their own hair. There are various methods of drying the hair without using rollers. You can use a blow dryer (you have to be careful with this though and make sure to use heat protection). You may also opt for "Air Drying" where you allow the hair to dry naturally as you go about your duties. Usually, my hair dries up within 2 hours thanks to the kind of weather we have!
 See How To Shampoo And Condition Relaxed Hair for a video on the wash process.



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