That's that... I Don't Like

This fantabulous idea of a blog post on "That's that ish I don't like" was suggested by Kelly of (A member of the fantastic world of inspiring female bloggers-BLMGirls -Bloggers Like Me.

Let's roll
  1. I hate it when people assume am not a Ghanaian because I blog about my hair care. The fact that we don't have hair bloggers in Ghana featured on international sites doesn't mean we don't have one; AfroDiva and I are here.
  2. I get angry when ladies tell me God gave me good hair that's why each time I cut it, it grows back. As I long am alive, my hair will grow! 
  3. I hate it when a lady stares at my hair,turns to ask if it's my own hair and after answering in the affirmative, she just shakes her head in disbelief! Why would I lie? What would I gain from faking it? You should rather ask me how I got that kind of hair.
  4. When I enter a shop to buy a product and the attendant doesn't know what it is and tells me "we don't have it' instead of asking for details whereas the product is staring at me from the shelf! Or, when the attendant can't tell the difference between a moisturizer and a shampoo.I ask for moisturizer, she looks round and asks me if it's a shampoo or conditioner! WTH
  5. I hate hairsprays. I've hated them since I started growing my hair out more than 10 years ago and I still hate them and my recent experience proved it. 
  6. When it's that time of the month and am not in the mood to do anything to my hair and yet I can't walk about in the house looking like I have a grudge with my products. 
  7.  When I find a product I like to try and am broke. 
  8. I hate it when a hair dresser picks up a roller and there are hairs all over it! I simply point it out or ask her to change it.

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  1. guyanesesista6:32 pm

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! About the roller with the hair. That's just nasty! How does she think it's ok to do that? I'm sure it's because some don't say a thing & are ok with going home with random strands that are not from a weave. Chile you better buy your own rollers.

  2. AnnetteAkye10:35 pm

    LOL!!!!!!! i love this tag, i think the title should be "Thats the hair stuff i dont like" but yh so true whats u've said

  3. ghanaianemprezz7:07 am

    Cool. I'll be waiting to read yours.

  4. ghanaianemprezz7:08 am

    Just too nasty!! I think I'll purchase the rollers earlier than planned.

  5. Sdestra HairJourney5:06 pm

    I was just about to tag you!!!! LOL!

  6. Vienna H.2:34 pm

    OMG! I feel the same way about nr 4,7 and 8! I always find fabulous products when I'm broke! And when I go look for it when I've got money, they are out of stock -___- And nr 8 happened to me only the comb was full of hair and dandruff!! Really?! SO nasty

  7. ghanaianemprezz2:42 pm

    yeah!It turned me into an inspector of all the tools they use when doing my hair. For the comb, I can imagine how awful they would look. I've also had that experience where the hair dresser finished using the comb on another client and didn't clean it. The look on my face deterred her from touching my hair with it. I've purchased my own set of combs I'll be using plus the rollers, which a cheap too.

  8. Stella Serwa3:48 pm more (new) Ghanaian blogger here!!, facebook page: ghlonghair

  9. ghanaianemprezz7:35 pm



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