Wash Day: Lazy Deep Conditioning

Instead of co-washing yesterday, I opted for deep conditioning but I was too lazy to go through most of the processes. Having been co-washing almost everyday, I  didn't co-wash because I felt the hair was clean enough for deep conditioning (my opinion).

What I did was to heat up the Dark n Lovely cholesterol for a minute in the micro wave after which I added Queen Helene cholesterol and mixed them up with my fingers because the heating wasn't too much. I applied the combination in sections and covered with the usual poly bag and shower cap for an hour. I rinsed it out and applied leave-in and the oils and jumped onto my bed.

This morning, I noticed a difference in how my hair feels. I, normally, shampoo after deep conditioning but even though I didn't even do the former before deep conditioning, the hair  felt well moisturized. I will see what happens when I use the co-washing method. I will also attempt  a coconut deep conditioner at the next wash, which is probably Friday or Saturday.

Wish I could share pictures but the camera has been borrowed and it's yet to be returned.
I managed to get a phone snap shot



  1. Vienna H.11:24 am

    Lol I've done this in the past. I just couldn't be bothered shampooing my hair after I deep conditioned on dry hair.

  2. ghanaianemprezz12:01 pm

    How was the result? Did you like it?


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