Wig Techniques

my U-part wig
For the rest of this year, most ladies will resort to wigs to avoid the breakage that comes  with the harmattan. However, wigging has its own techniques that can help you achieve your goal. Here are a few tips to help you wig up!
  1. Dip the wig combs in oil to help keep the friction of the combs off your hair.
  2. You can also take  the combs out completely and use large bobby pins to hold the wig in place to prevent snagging.
  3. For synthetic wigs, when the nape hair of the wig gets tangled use grease or a heavy oil on it and rinse out. This will reduce tangles and you will get longer use out of your synthetic wig.
  4. Soak synthetic wigs in apple cider vinegar and water mix over night to get the overly shiny look to go away. I see that shiny look a lot!
  5. Use a satin bonnet or a wig cap to prevent your hair from rubbing against the inside of the wig.
  6. Hang up your wig or put it on a mannequin head when your not wearing it in order to preserve the life of the wig.
  7. If using hair pins instead of combs to hold the wig in place, alternate where you place the pins. 
  8.  If you are using the combs that come in the wigs either use the front comb or the back comb, not both. 
  9. Most importantly: Make sure that you do not neglect you hair under the wigs, it can be easy to do when you realize no one sees your hair except you (been there done that, smh).
  10.  Keep synthetic wigs in a ziplock bag in the freezer when you are not wearing them. It will bring the style back to life. Interesting?
  11. Use baby powder and a few mists of water to remove the shine from wigs.



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