2012 In Review: Hair Care Regimen

Wash Days
In the quest for what works for my hair, my regimen has changed probably on a weekly basis. I have worked with:
·         co-washing during the week
·         Deep conditioning once a week
·         Deep conditioning twice a week
·         Deep conditioning with hooded dryer
·         Deep conditioning with body heat
·         Overnight pre-poo
·         Overnight deep conditioning
·         No pre-poo
·         Washing without shampoo

My verdicts

I love to co-wash when I feel like my scalp needs water. I noticed that the result of the co-wash was dependent on the type of conditioner used. Surprisingly, I’d underestimated the effectiveness of the ReFlexion conditioner but after using it for co-washing, I came to love it. Apart from the fact that the ReFlexion smells sooooo good, It doesn’t contain protein. I love the smell so much that each time I co-washed with it, it took days for the smell to wear off and I loved it. Would I purchase it again? No, because I still have 2 bottles left. I will be trying out more conditioners in the coming year to see how they’ll also work for my co-wash.

At the initial stage of the year, I used only ORS hair Replenishing conditioner but when I run out of that one, I tried their hair mayonnaise. I didn’t notice breakage when I used that product; however, for fear of protein overload, I added the Queen Helene cholesterol. Later on, I got hold of Dark n Lovely Ultra cholesterol; I used this instead of co-washing and that was also quite ok. I, actually, don’t regard this as a protein conditioner simply because I don’t see any protein listed on it. I like it though and if their other mask doesn’t work in the same way, I’ll go back to the cholesterol.

For some reason, heating up the deep conditioner as well as deep conditioning with body heat has the same effect so even if I do buy a hooded dryer, I may not use it for deep conditioning. The overnight pre-poo was more like hot oil treatments; I cover the hair with a poly bag plus shower cap. This left my hair very soft so I’ll surely continue it whenever it is possible. Coupled with this is the overnight deep conditioning which saves me  time. I also believe it helped the deep conditioner to penetrate well. When I don’t pre-poo, the shampoo seems to dry out the hair so this is a no,no for me until I use the sulfate free shampoo to determine its effect. The last thing I tried was washing without shampoo. When I found that the sulfates shampoo was drying out my hair, I opted not to use it sparingly until I buy a sulfate free one. I’ll continue with this method in the new year.

Night Routine
I applaud myself for having kept up with moisturizing and sealing.

Protective Styles
I wore braids and weaves and enough though I prefer weaves to braids, for the first part of the year, I'll braid up for a challenge. I loved the invisible part sew-in I got but since my scalp loves to have water on it, I'll stick to the braids since I can easily get water into that one. I also used a lot of ponytails and  mini buns, which I prefer as it allows me to be comb-free for the week; just brush the sides with a soft bristled brush.

I'll post my hair care products and regimen for 2013 next week so stay tuned!

PS: Be sure vote wisely!


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