Faux Side Bang and Ponytail

Hi Divas,
I've been wearing my hair in twists for the past two weeks. This week,I will be wearing it in this style-Faux Side Bang and Ponytail.
I wore it on Sunday to church and I loved the look.

 The hair I used is Afrotwist/Marley braid. Its the same procedure I use in the video below. However, for the pony tail,I just attach it to my hair and flip it over to cover my own pony tail underneath.Check my previous video.

Today,I added a bowtie to vamp it up for work!!!



  1. Annette Akye7:09 am

    looks cute!

  2. Heyyy hair diva lol, For a minute ther I got very confused...it looks liKe its your natural hair. Your beautiful, and I like your style. Though I'm relaxed iv also been rockin a faux ponytail evn b4 I started my hair journey. Faux buns covering real buns rock. Haha...and iv also been discovering creative ways of styling my hair as iv sworn off weaves n braids. Wigs I'll def do but mayb over a week evry now and then.hhj


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