Relaxer Update (4): Last Relaxer For 2012

Alright! The deed has been done-I relaxed yesterday, 12 weeks after my last relaxer. It’s been a joyful as well as frustrating journey.
The joy was in knowing that I was doing the right thing for my hair by stretching my relaxer. It’s made the hair thicker and bouncier, soft and silky. The fullness got my hair dresser excited and another client said she wouldn’t fix a weave if her hair was like that. I don’t bother discussing hair with people anymore because most often, they wouldn’t believe or take what you say. My hair dresser stretches for six months so she’s not surprised that I also stretch.

Before relaxing
I did a protein treatment last week Wednesday using the second batch of coconut cream and banana. I pre-pooed with sheabutter and covered with a shopping bag and plastic cap for approximately 30 minutes. I washed with BO-16 shampoo and applied the coconut deep conditioner. I left that on for about an hour and rinsed it out. I topped up with the ORS replenishing conditioner for another hour before rinsing. I applied s-curl and mvp leave-in, dark and lovely oil moisturizer and air dried.  From then, I applied sheabutter to the hair avoiding the new growth to protect the ends from relaxer run off.
Relaxer day
I wrote on facebook that I either relax in early morning or late in the evening to avoid sweat on the scalp. When I got to the salon, I applied another batch of sheabutter to the ends whilst waiting for Sis Yaa (my stylist)-she has a huge container of sheabutter.  The whole relaxer process took 15 minutes (I don’t sit down with the relaxer since combing through once gets it straight enough yet not bone straight). She rinsed out the relaxer, applied ORS replenishing conditioner and got me under the dryer for 10 minutes- her dryer was pretty hot.  She, then, neutralized with Maxim neutralizing shampoo 3 times! With each application, she ran the product through the hair for about a minute, massaged the product into the hair with her fingers (that’s the best way I can describe it), finger combed and then rinsed. She, then, applied s-curl and mvp leave-in and the oil moisturizer and did a roller set. Whew! Boring!!! Enough! Woman, where are the pictures?

From the left, before relaxer, then to the relaxer and after neutralizing. My stylist drying her gloves with a towel, then after applied products, roller set and after hair was dry.

I'll get a wash before X'mas and get an upside down fish tail updo with a bun. We'll see how it goes and you know yours truly will give you some pictures if it gets done.

Enjoy the presence of the Lord this season!!


  1. Southern Girl10:51 pm

    Getting through the stretches is the biggest part of it. Your hair loves and a great stylist can normally tell and keep you encouraged with what they see post relaxer. But by week 10 my hair is normally going lady what's the problem.

  2. Stella Nyadzi8:05 am

    Loooooovely results! Which relaxer did you use? I'm excited about your hairdresser already! Wish I lived close by so I could go to her salon too!

  3. ghanaianemprezz11:28 am


  4. ghanaianemprezz11:28 am

    hahahaha!!I My hair was so puffy that I couldn't achieve a neat bun.

  5. ghanaianemprezz11:29 am

    Thanks @google-e0a54ffb65b66dfcac2859c827add14e:disqus I use ORS Olive oil lye relaxer for fine to medium texture.

  6. Crowning Glory6:17 pm

    Is there a particular reason you conditioned before neutralizing? I usually relax, neutralize and then condition/deep condition in that order.

    1. The cuticles are open after relaxing so the treatment is better absorbed to replenish the lost protein.

  7. Your hair is looking so good!! Don't think I read what relaxer you used.
    My hair is about 8 weeks. I was thinking of retouching my hair because of Christmas but I might just continue the stretch!

    1. I use organic root simulator olive oil lye relaxer for fine to medium textures.

  8. ghanaianemprezz12:34 pm

    I use the ORS olive oil lye relaxer for fine to medium textures.

  9. ghanaianemprezz12:35 pm

    After relaxing, the cuticles are open which makes it easier for the treatment to get absorbed into the hair. This helps to replenish the lost protein too.

  10. Stella Nyadzi1:29 pm

    now i'm getting more and more convinced that lye is the way to go!! i loved my last 2 relaxers with lye after using different no-lye relaxers for more than 9 years!! Way to go Lye!!


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