MVP Nourishing Leave-In And Styling Lotion Review

MVP leave-in
After using my liquid leave-in conditioner, I knew a creamy leave-in will be the best option for me. I went over to a cosmetic shop and requested for the leave-ins they had and as I held each one, the MVP stood out as the creamy one.
Full name: Most Valuable Product Nourishing Leave-In And Styling Lotion
What it says: Uniquely formulated to tighten and add resilience to the hair shaft while conditioning the internal part of the hair. Hair feels alive and healthy allowing for style freedom.

Ingredients: Deionized water, mineral oil, aloe vera extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein, extract of rosemary, white nettle, pine cone, chamomile, burdock, Ivy, arrica, watercress shea butter, petrolatum, acetamide MEA fragrance.
My View:
How I used it: I apply a coin size to the hair in sections after washing. However, since it contains protein, it leaves the hair hard if I use a protein based conditioner, followed by the Dark and Lovely cholesterol on co-wash days so I use a moisturizing conditioner on co-wash  days with the Dark and Lovely cholesterol. If I use only the cholesterol, then the leave-in gives no problem (hope that is clear).
When I purchased the product, I searched online for reviews but couldn't find out. That got me scared but
  • The creamy consistency had already stirred my desire to use it. 
  • It is so thick but it doesn't affect it's ability to come out with a press on the lid. There are days I forget it's a leave-in because it feels like it has oils in it.
  • It has protein, which is ok for me because I don't do hard protein treatment that much so a little bit of protein is needed to prevent breakage
  • It has Mineral oil but I use a shampoo with sulfates so it doesn't bother me
Verdict: It's a keeper for me and the only thing I'll be doing is to purchase a protein free leave-in to avoid using too much protein. I'll use it mostly on relaxer days and when am deep into the stretch.



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