Wash Day With Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner

Ok, I know this update is late but I still want to fulfill my promise of showing you my results from using the coconut deep conditioner. Alright, let’s get to business!
  • I used banana and the coconut cream I got as a Christmas gift last year-I didn’t  want it to go waste since it’s been almost seen a year on the shelf. I checked the expiring date to be sure I was using a good stuff.
  •  I measured about half cup of the milk into a blender
  • I sliced 3 small bananas into the milk
  •    Blended till I had a smooth texture
  •   I divided it the mixture into two so I could preserve any left over.
  •  Shampooed the hair with BO-16 shampoo to rid the hair of build up from the oils used in the week for the greenhouse effect
  • Did a tea rinse for 3 minutes
  • T-shirt dried it for about 10 minutes in order to have only damp but not wet hair
  • Sectioned the hair into four
  •  Applied the mixture section by section
  •  Covered with shopping back, shower cap and beanie for about 1 hour
  •  As I rinsed the hair, I realized the hair was a bit hard and had clumped up. Of course, that could be sorted out with Queen Helene Cholesterol as moisturizing deep conditioner for 1 hour. 
  • I, then, decided to give a new deep conditioning technique a try. I added  my oils-sunflower, coconut, castor oil as well as sheabutter to the QH and heated it up for 20 seconds in a microwave. I applied the warm mixture to the hair and covered using my shopping bag, shower cap and beanie.
  •  Rinsed the QH out and added leave-in.  At this point, I had visitors and didn’t want to go about with wet hair so I blow dried on medium setting till the hair was about 70% dry. I usually blow dry from only the front but that leaves the back still damp so I blow dried from the back too.

I must confess that I absolutely loved the results. For once, I didn't have the dry effect from the blow dryer and the softness was adorable!!! I have some left over I'll be using when am out of my cornrows.




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