First Wash Day Post Of The Year

It’s been a while since I shared a wash day with you ; I stopped lazing about with writing and got to jotting down this week's process. I'm currently two days shy of 4 weeks post relaxer.
Even though I arrived home from work, looking exhausted and famished, I managed to combine washing with preparing food. Actually, I got a sister-in-law to start preparing some food for whilst I pre-pooed with Sheabeutimia Hair serum and sheabutter and covered with "homemade" heat cap for about 30 minutes. The result nearly prevented me from washing because the hair felt so soft and moisturized. I guess I have a new sealant combination. I shampooed once with the last bit of BO-16 shampoo, followed by my latest shampoo, Revlon Flex. I, then,  applied Sheabeutimia’s moisturizing conditioner.
If you are with us on facebook or instagram (ghanaianemprezz), you know how much I loveeeeeeeeed this product the first time I used it (Review coming up in a few days).  Honestly, I have never raved about a product like that! In fact, am not that emotional type when it comes to life in general so for me to get cheesy over something, then, it means a lot to me. The first time I used it, I didn’t use any heat and to test how it reacts to heat, I chose to leave it on the hair for a while making use of my shower cap heat for about an hour. I went to help my sister-in-law prepare fufu (yes, I really missed eating some). 

After satisfying my tommy, I rinsed it the conditioner and went in for the Queen Helene cholesterol, which I used after adding some warm water to it. As I mentioned in a previous post, this product works best for me when it's warm. I left it on and went to watch CSI Miami.  I sat down with the deep conditioner to finish watching my programme since I hadn’t viewed anything on TV the whole week-blame it on my new job.

Basically, for this wash, I went in and out of the shower twice but that doesn’t bother me because I’ve ceased deep conditioning before shampooing. 
In other news, I co-washed on Tuesday with ReFlexion conditioner and followed up with Dark and Lovely Cholesterol in order to cleanse as well as fortify the hair with moisture against the harmattan weather. I don’t have any extension; I wear the hair in a bun instead to keep the ends off the shoulders as part of L4LPSC and I’ve noticed that my ends stay more moisturized because they are not exposed to the sun , which is a good thing.
Do I have pictures? Yes, but it’s the wet state I could get a shot of courtesy of my in-law(who's natural by the way) since I was going to air dry in a bun. The scarf bun is what I wore today and will continue to use it for most part of the week if I get a more colourful one. 

PS: I won't trim till the end of the challenge in order to see how much length I retained. Also, my sign up picture for the challenge was the hair in its air dried sate thus, having a picture like this one will help with comparing the hair in its wet state too.
If you have a way of getting a picture of the back side of your hair by yourself, kindly teach me. 

Stay blessed and be sure to bless others.


  1. Your hair looks really shiny! I am not going to be trimming until mid-summer at the earliest myself but dusting regularly.

  2. ghanaianemprezz3:37 pm

    Thanks for the complement.


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