Longing4Length Protective Style Challenge Sign-Up

I’ve been waiting for the official sign-up post of Longing4Length -Ebony’s Protective Style challenge and it’s finally up! Even though I had the intention of keeping my braids a little longer, at least, for half of the challenge period, I changed my mind and took them down.

I prefer to wear my own hair at this time so I can deal with the dust with frequent washing. The route to my work place is a typical example of a dusty road and I wouldn’t want to have “sand” in my hair. I would be wearing my hair up with the ends tucked away; bunning with clips, head bands, scarfs and pins. I have been wearing my hair up since Sunday so unofficially, I’d started the challenge.lol

Since only 7 days are allocated to wearing the hair down, I will also air dry in a bun unless I want to wear it out, which might be twice this month (may be two Sundays). I don’t want to give the harmattan winds the opportunity to blow my hair in all directions whilst working.lol
I’ll be co-washing more as well as deep conditioning with the instant deep conditioners in order to combat dryness.

Additionally, I will keep my hair off my shoulders and ends tucked away till bed time when at home.

Now, to my starting length. This is the best shot of my hair as of 6th January and it's been difficult getting a photographer so I guess I'll work with that.

Wishing myself the best. Expect monthly updates (Lord, get rid of any mishap that will prevent this. Amen)



  1. AMEN! So glad you've joined the challenge, let's grow girlie!

  2. ghanaianemprezz8:40 pm

    Thanks Ebony. I've already started reaping the benefits of protecting the ends.


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