More Questions (Liebster Award)

oAfter the liebster award post, I've had other nominations from more blogger friends who happen to be Ghanaians too (Wonderfulllll). I, really, love the questions that come with the nominations so I am going to answer them in today's post. The lovely Jo beautywithjocel andStella of ghlonghair.

From Jo
  1. .What's your favourite hairstyle? Braid out or any kind of curled style
  2. What's your hair length? Shoulder length
  3. Which do you prefer? Denman brush or fingers for detangling Certainly finger detangling!
  4. Puff or bun? Bun any time
  5. What's your hair goal? Mid Back Length - yeah - that's what I know I'll get to 
  6. Which do you prefer? Vlogging or blogging- blogging
  7. What's your best hair moment? when my husband said loves my hair! It caught me off guard; I didn't know how to react.
  8. Facebook or Google+ Ahh!!! Facebooking lol
  9. Twists or Twists Outs? Twist outs cos I can turn that into any style without much hussle
  10. Flat Twists or Corn Roll? Flat twists though I can't do any of them
  11. How is your journey in one word? Awesome

From Stella:
  1. Why bother about your hair at all? My hair was considered long since it was shoulder length but  knew I had to battle breakage and limp hair all the time. I went online one day to find solution to dealing with hair and that was the beginning of my better days story with my hair!
  2. In your family, who is your number 1 fan? My god daughter because she's been with me for a long time and saw me in my big chop days- those short hair days- so she's really fascinated with the progress
  3. How much time do you spend on your hair in a day? 5 minutes
  4. How many hair products do you have in all right now? Want more? I have about 8 or so and  definitely want more!
  5. If you had to choose, will you rather make-up or style your hair for an evening out? Am not the make up type so my hair would be my focus.
  6. Natural home-made hair recipes or store-bought products? Both depending on time factor 
  7. How many times do you conditioner wash in a week? Once a week
  8.  Current hair length from past hair length and how long it took you to get it? I started with 1/2 inch in June, 2011 and now 7 inches. That's a year and 7 months
  9. If you had a daughter, would you relax her hair before she is 12 years of age? No, I'll be there to care for her natural hair
  10. What hairstyle do you wear most? Buns
  11. If changing your country could change your hair type, where would you rather be from? India!!!
Ok. Hope you had fun!



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