Sheabeutimia Hair Growth Serum Final Review

It's been a couple of weeks since I got hooked  on the Sheabeutimia hair growth serum sent to me by the owner, Jocelyn. Haven used the oil as promised in my initial review, it's about time I gave you my verdict.

My Likes
 My favourite and most lovable moment with this oil is the awesome moisturized hair I had when I used it for green house effect. I, most, certainly, would love to have this as a stable for ghe or baggying!

I do have an unusual growth at 5 weeks post, which makes my hair appear to be 8 weeks post. I applied it to the edges at least 3 times a week, sometimes during the day, other times, during the night. I prefer the night application so I don't sweat it over my body - which can burn - learnt that one of the days when I felt a burning sensation on my neck.

It's thick but not too thick to get out of the bottle, which means you can easily control the quantity that comes out as well as be "economical"

As indicated on the bottle, a little goes a long way; am cautious when getting it out in order not to have too much to work with.

Great for hot oil and pre- poo. I used it as a pre-poo alongside a bit of sheabutter in the form of hot oil treatment and I nearly postponed the washing because my hair felt very moisturized

Works well when used as a sealant. I have used it on my hair alone after using my leave-in and moisturizer and my hair stayed moisturized the whole day.


  • The peppermint smell. I don't mind it when I use it except as a sealant when it stays with me all day
  • It burns a lot when it gets into the eyes because of the peppermint so you have to keep you head tilted well down if you don't want to "cry"
Honestly, when I got the bottle, I thought it was just one of those oils but after using it for this long, I have come to value it so I'll be very economical with it when I purchase another bottle.


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