Sheabeutimia Hair Growth Serum Initial Review

Welcome to the first day of the first month of 2013! It's my prayer that you achieve all your heart's desires including your hair goals. Amen. 

Talking about achieving hair goals, we are aware of the benefits of different oils for our hair. Therefore, am starting off the new year with a hair growth serum given to me by Jocel of Sheabeutimia  from the UK. The effect of any product can only be determined when used over a period of time so am putting down my initial experience with this serum and then, a final review after using it for a number of weeks.

Full Name: Hair Growth Serum with Essential oils
Ingredients: Horsetail Leaf Extract, Seaweed Extract, Extra Virgin Oilve Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Castor Oil, Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils.
Description: This 100% Natural oils mixed together will strengthen the hair to promote hair growth and give you a healthy hair. There is nothing like using natural oils, they are full of nutrients which do not leave your hair greasy like mineral oil does.
Direction: Spray just a little in your palm and massage into the roots of the hair, not forgetting the tips.

My View: The product comes in a  green bottle of 100ml.  I like the fact that it comes in a spray bottle so you can easily apply it even when in weaves or braids. When I sprayed directly unto the scalp, it didn’t splash all over the place; it goes where I direct it.  I agree that a little goes a long way.
I checked the thickness and noticed it was a bit thick yet comes out easily from the bottle. I directed it towards my finger tips and it also didn’t splash around; just a drop on the tip. I massaged it onto my scalp and got a tingly sensation, which lasted for more than an hour. It wasn’t a burning sensation; very mild tingling.
With all the ingredients listed, am not surprised that it has a tingling effect and smells like the  peppermint.  I’ll be using it three times a week on the scalp and the edges, where growth is easily visible till I remove the braids, which is in a few weeks time. I am currently 2 weeks post relaxer so I think it’s the best time to test the potency of the product. After the braids, I’ll use it on the ends of the hair too for at least two weeks  to get a better picture of its potency for the final review.

God bless you so you may be a blessing unto others



  1. Annette Akye8:57 am

    Oh nice! this sounds like a good serum i bet a lil bit of scalp massage every night would definitely stimulate hair growth. Where can we get some to purchase?

  2. ghanaianemprezz8:09 pm

    Kindly send her an email or find her at their address:

  3. Stella Nyadzi1:33 pm

    Oh i'm soooo jealous you have a serum that leaves a tingling effect on for more than an hour!! Cant wait for your review on it....!!


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