Ecostyler gel- 1st Attempt

I know,I know!!!This product is not available in Ghana(at least not yet - But I can assure you its coming very soon).
Check out the take down video!!!

I did a twist out with it and totally amazing results, even though it wasnt thoroughly dry.
 Products-Ecostyler Gel,Jamaican Castor Oil and Hawain Silky 14-in-1.

After Retwisting that evening,these were the results the following day................


I officially love Ecostyler Gel!!!
Ecostyler- Comming to Ghanaianemprezz Shop soon!!!


  1. AnnetteAkye8:31 pm

    yayyyyyyyy @ ghanaianemprezz shop!

  2. I really dont like gel ecostyler for me is like blah i know how popular it is but if i HAVE to use gel it would be flaxseed gel as its softer lengnt the hair and doesnt get flaky you can add oils and moisturisng herbs like marshmallow to it too but I guess everyone is different!


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