I Henna-ed my Hair!!!

I tried to dye my hair over the weekend.

I don't want to go into detail about henna. However, more information about henna can be found here : http://www.ghanaianemprezz.com/2012/03/leele-henna-for-our-hair.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henna.

You can get Henna or leele in Ghana, usually from muslim dominated markets like Madina or Nima.Just ask for lele(what they use for their tattoos).The women who usually sell lele sell other herbs and spices as well.

I, on the other hand, bought a bag of Henna during my trip to the North of Ghana , a month ago.
I decided to give it a try last week. I watch a couple of videos. It seemed a bit technical,but I gave it a try anyway.

Part 2

I mixed lemon juice with the henna and added a bit of water.
I made it sit for about 20 hours. By courtesy of the Electricity Company of Ghana, I had to apply it in the dark.

The next morning I spent about 20-30 minutes,washing it out.
I couldn't notice the difference so much.

After, the wash, the hair at the back is reddish-brown.

I'll definately try it again.
Next time, I'll use more and see.I'll be sure to keep you updated.
Enjoy Divas!!!


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