Loving My Hair - An Update

 It's update time! Yippy!!!!

I can't believe that I've actually stuck to a challenge (L4LPSC) this long! I'm not usually patient enough to handle the "disappointment" of not wearing my hair down to show it off. However, am truly in love with this challenge; I don't have to worry about my hair when at work and with all the harmattan "breeze" alongside its dust.

So far, these are some of the styles I've tried. The pictures at the top are styles with my own hair and the bottom has those with extensions and scarf.

I continue with my once a week co-wash/instant deep conditioner and weekend deep conditioning. Additionally, I make use of green house effect and moisturize and seal twice a day; morning and evening. I don't have plans of braids or any complicated style for that matter so I'll be rolling n tucking or bunning -and find more cute styles

See ya later


  1. Tonkabelle2:21 pm

    Your hair looks really nice it will be lovely if you could do a tutorial on the tucked in hair style on the right.

  2. Stella Nyadzi4:25 pm

    That style at the top right is soooooooooooooo cute!! Tutorial pls!!

  3. ghanaianemprezz10:05 pm

    Sure! I'll upload a picture tutorial soon!

  4. I'm also impressed with how long I've been able to PS without feeling like I'm about to loose it! Love the style collage - let me know when you have the roll n' tuck how-to posted. It looks simple enough but I've tried it twice and both times was an epic fail!

  5. Anonymous10:10 am

    Its lovely! Recently I was thinking of doing a cinnabun but I don't know how. Pls help

  6. ghanaianemprezz4:40 pm

    I have the roll n tuck tutorial up now! I'd love to see your version since your hair is longer.

  7. Yulli Blue5:02 am

    I especially like the third pic at the top.. beautiful


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