Planning For A Long Stretch

Why am I stretching? I've been doing 12 weeks but this year, I haven't relaxed and I intend to experience the joys and trials of stretching beyond my comfort zone.  Am currently 10 weeks post; 2 months plus 2 weeks.

What is my plan of action?
  •  I'll be updating you regularly. If you won't be bored, I'll do it bi monthly. I know some of my Ghanaian ladies, mostly relaxed hair ladies, are new to the business of hair care and to the art of stretching, having been used to the 6 weeks drill. Each update will discuss detangling process, products, hair styling, frustrations, joys and even setbacks
  • Improving on my styling options. If there's one thing that frustrates me a lot, it is styling. I can't corn row, twist, flat twist or even french braid. My goal during this period is to turn those two "left" hands into "creative hands" to make the stretch much easier.
  • Keep up moisture and protein balance. As we are moving away from the harmattan season, the rainy season will meet us with in all its glory. To ensure that I don't suffer moisture overload, I'll be incorporating more protein via leave-ins, and deep conditioners. All other products will remain  moisture based. 
  • Co-wash twice a week since I use growth aids like Jamaican Black Castor oil on my scalp every day.
  • Take progress pictures and length checks. Our length checks are ready so I'll be showcasing them on wash days whilst measuring my hair's length.
  • Keep up with no-flat iron rule. I haven't used a flat iron on my own hair in more than 6 months and I intend on sticking with it for another 6 months.
  • Avoid Extensions- I want to do this with my own hair in order to muster the art of styling.
If you have any suggestion for me, kindly leave it in the comment section! On another note, my internet is back so I'll be back to daily post or at least more posts per week!



  1. Southern Girl4:01 pm

    Good for you. 12-14 weeks right now is about as much as I can stand before my hair goes lady please stop it.

  2. AnnetteAkye5:45 pm

    Yes! pls keep us updated! i also need to work my "timber" fingers and be more creative with hairstyles! All the best!

  3. Congrats on your decision! Stretching further than your comfort zone is a
    challenge but not impossible! Definitely keep your eyes out for
    breakage. It is a long-stretch's worst enemy!

  4. ghanaianemprezz7:24 am

    @AnnetteAkye:disqus thanks dear!

  5. ghanaianemprezz7:25 am

    I do get that feeling too but I tell my hair," am the boss" lol

  6. ghanaianemprezz7:25 am

    Thanks for the tip

  7. I'm also planning a stretch.. at least 3 months.. maybe 4 months if possible. I also have 2 left hands! LOL! It's so terrible.. all I do is bun my hair!!


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