Wash Day With A Twist

I'm two days shy of 10 weeks post relaxer ( I know I keep giving updates two days short!) How did this week's wash go? Very smoothly!
With all that is going on with my hectic schedule, I had decided to move my wash day to next week when I felt more comfortable to spend time on my hair but I changed my mind this morning. I came up with a different formula because I realised I needed more moisture and protein in the hair whilst reducing time and energy spent.
  • Skipped pre-poo because the Creme of Nature detangling shampoo does not leave my scalp and hair dry ie squeaky clean. I'll post a review on it soon.
  • I also skipped tea rinse and used herbal essence hello hydration conditioner to wash for added moisture (review soon), rinsed and applied ORS replenishing conditioner for a bit of protein.
  • After rinsing, I t-shirt dried for about 5 minutes and applied MVP leave-in and Dark and Lovely anti breakage oil moisturizer. I allowed it to further dry for about 15 minutes and proceeded to detangle.
I used three combs; first a wide tooth, then, medium tooth and lastly, small tooth comb. To detangle, I sectioned the hair into two and re-sectioned each one into two.

  • I wanted to have a smooth air so I put in my flexi rod but I couldn't go to bed with it so I took them down and twisted the hair for a twist out, which did turn out pretty well especially, since I only wanted  a bit of curls and not a defined curl.

M hair is very soft and smooth!!!
How did your wash day go?


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