12 Weeks Post Update And Ramblings!

It's been 12 weeks since my last touch up. How do I feel? Miserable and excited at the same time! I knew this transition business what not going to be an easy thing but when it feels like everything is working against you, it's hard to see the benefits.

Usually at 12 weeks, I get the hair straightened via relaxer; however, failing to do this has created a conflict in my mind- getting my mind to adjust to the absence of the relaxer has been so tough. It's a habit that has be established for month so moving away from it has not been easy and wouldn't get any easier. However, I'm desirous to know how my new growth looks like after 14 weeks as I haven't gone that path with transitioning hair before. I believe from that point, the eagerness to see that growth will overpower the urge to relax.

Coupled with this is the urge to relax not because I want to but due to the negative vibes I've been getting from people around me. A stylist told me natural hair is out of style.Can you believe that? When I told her I was going back to natural hair, she literally freaked out! She's stated that natural hair is difficult to care for; I didn't think anything I said would have made a difference so I just kept my thoughts to myself. As someone who's been on hair journey for almost 2 years, I know my relaxed and natural hair; shrinkage, 4c texture, hates cotton scarfs, loves to be stretched. If for whatever reason I don't have time to do my hair, I can always get a protective style till am ready to deal with I so I don't get her argument.

I've choosen to protective style 80% with extensions and 20% with my own hair because with the kind of energy am getting from friends and family, showing my hair all the time won't do me any good; it will give them the opportunity to display their views. Out of sight, out of mind until I reach my goal. I don't want any negative comment to hurt me but as human as I am, I've my breaking point. Secondly, I've never been able to keep a style for more than 3 weeks- never! This gives room to unnecessary spending, which caused financial loss during the first time I went natural ie dealing with short hair was a hussle; this has also influenced the choice of transitioning. From this day forth, I've decided to work on myself to get accustomed to long term protective styling in order not to experience the same problem again.

 Enough rambling!!Want to know about wash day? read on!

It was time for some hard protein treatment so I broke an egg, added mustard oil and sunflower oil. I didn't want a watery mixture so I topped up with Queen Helene cholesterol. I didn't cover with any shopping bag nor a shower cap because the slightest heat causes the egg to boil leaving pieces in my hair- learnt through the hard way! I left the mixture on for an hour, rinsed and applied Dark and lovely anti breakage treatment, covered for another hour. After rinsing it out, I'd wanted to do an acv rinse but forgot (I'll do that in my next wash).I added leave-in and oils and went to bed. On Saturday, I wore the hair tucked in with a scarf band. Sunday evening, I purchased two packs of Afro twist braid and had my stylist install Marley locs. I have no choice but to leave this for as long as it can last. I don't want to repeat past mistakes. I want to give people the assurance that natural is really easy and inexpensive to care for.

Check my instagram or facebook for pictures!! 
PS:I'll be visiting my parents for the Easter holidays and am so excited to see my mom!! That gives me the opportunity to get Leele/Zabila aka Henna at the cheapest price plus sheabutter amongst other oils.

Stay blessed and nothing less!


  1. Yulli Blue2:51 am

    I definitely understand where your mind is at. I didn't like the look of my natural hair when I was growing mine of either. I was ashamed and embarrassed to leave my house with that "look." Don't even get me started on the ridicule experienced, but honestly the experience has shaped me into a way like never before. People still pass rude comments here and there and I just say thank you. As I was already prepared for that a year and a half ago. I watched youtube videos and that is how I truly started to accept natural hair and its different textures. Good luck on your transition. You can do it! Keep in mind that this transition is for you and nobody else matters

  2. ghanaianemprezz6:38 am

    I'll be sure to stick to my decision. Thanks for the advice and support.

  3. Southern Girl7:45 am

    Good luck with the stretching and be positive about the journey. Family and friends will get over it. And you'll be happy in the long run.

  4. Beeba Kehinde8:57 pm

    Good luck!

  5. ghanaianemprezz7:16 pm

    thank you!


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