2013 Hair Goals: My Current Regimen and Hair Products

Blessed be the Lord for seeing the first quarter of the year!
Today, I was prepping my hair for an instant deep conditioning treat when it occurred to me whether  I'd started fulfilling the goals I set for the year. I began to take stock of my current regimen products.
  1.  Pre-poo before every wash: So far, I've kept to this pre-shampoo treatment. I'm going to do all I can do stick to this.
  2.    Roller set or flexi rod instead of air drying. With this, I came to find that roller sets or flexi rod with setting lotion leaves my hair too lumpy-for lack of better word. The hair sticks together, giving it a flat look. I've since ceased adding setting lotion and I love the results. I haven't purchase my hooded dryer yet- very soon though- but as part of my transitioning plans, roller sets and flexi rods will be my basic styles.
  3.    Satin scarf EVERY night: Still not consistent. I've had days my hubby has to push me off the bed to do so- talk about support!
  4.    Either deep condition twice a week or co-wash and deep condition once a week. I've been consistent with this.
  5.    Add oils deep conditioner. Not even once I have done it this year. Yeah, i attribute it to the fact that my deep conditioners have been working well without any oils. However, I have to start doing it consistently especially with the two textures I'm handling
  6.    Reduce my use of products with protein: the only products I have with protein are ORS replenishing conditioner and MVP leave-in. Once they run out, I'll be purchasing African Pride Hair mayonnaise, and Aphogee leave-in, which also contain protein. These are the only protein based products I'll be sticking with in addition to my monthly egg treatments I'll be using.
  8. Protective style with my own hair. I have to learn how to cornrow this year. Seriously!: Just this week, I was able to corn row my whole head, which I haven't done before in all the trials I've undertaken. On our facebook page, you'll find my comments on this achievement!
  1.   Herbal Essence conditioners: Currently using the hello hydration moisturizing conditioner- review coming soon.
  2.    S-Curl No Drip: Both as a leave-in and moisturizer- review coming soon.
  3.  Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Added some to my oil mix. 
  4. Creme of Nature Detangling moisturizing shampoo: reviewing it soon!
  5.    Dark n Lovely Anti breakage healing treatment: I've just started using it.
  6.    Queen Helene Cholesterol: almost out
  7.    Aloe vera juice
Be more active on all my pages ie facebook, twitter, pinterest and google plus so I can socialize better with you. I've also done my best to accomplish this by giving daily updates on twitter and facebook. In additon, I've been Instagraming**

I'll see how the next months play out!
Any question, comment, advice? send me a mail: ghanaianemprezz at gmail.com or use the comment section, facebook or twitter pages.


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