Blog Camp 2013

I've been really busy with work this week and I also just realised that theres a long holiday coming up. It's better I get this post up and done with before I forget about the idea totally.
With Naa Adjely of trendsandblendsgh and Ob
So, last weekend, Blogging Ghana organised a Blogcamp for Ghanaian Bloggers.
The evnt brought together soo many bloggers whom I din't even think existed in!!! I must say it was a great initiative on their part.There was even a Blog Awards, I couldn't stay because I have curfew.(I know right)
GhlongHair and another beauty blogger

Sharing a laugh with the SHE network

Some of the topics ranged from Social Media and the law, How do we increase content in a free world? Women and Social Media and so many more....
It seemed the event was mainly about word and photo blogs.Lets hope that next year,they'll talk about video blogging(I get the sense that its not very common). Happy Easter and Be safe!!!!



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