13 Weeks Post Relaxer: Keeping It Simple

As the journey continues. You'll find a previous update of all the stuff that went on within the week. Usually, I wash on Fridays but when I arrived home Yesterday, I was too tired to bother about this hair. The scalp itch twisted my hands into washing the hair.

Anyway, because I'd shampooed mid week due to the saga with the marley locs, I opted to use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner to cleanse. Initially, I wanted to use Queen Helene but because I'd used a moisture deep conditioner mid week, I reached for ORS replenishing conditioner to give the hair a bit of protein. The next protein deep conditioner to be added to the ORS will be African Pride Hair mayonnaise.

I applied the ORS and didn't cover because it says on the pack you can use it without heat provided you leave it on for an hour, which is exactly what I did. After rinsing came an apple cider vinegar diluted with water - I didn't rinse it out and simply wrapped my goodie black t-shirt around the hair to soak up excess water. By this time, it was 11pm so I put the hair into about 10 twists for bed to avoid matting and tangles. Moreover, I wanted to see how twist on damp hair without gel will turn out.

When I unraveled the twist in the morning, I got a nice definition but tucked it away-we are in the final lap of the protective style challenge! I also liked the softness of the hair so I can say the wash day went well. I think the thick roots contributed to the twist having a good definition since it remain intake with unraveling as I slept.
Pictures shown were taken using my phone- my new camera has arrived so expect better pictures soon!!

That's it my friends! 
PS: Google reader is retiring and I don't want to loose touch with you; kindly stay with us via Bloglovin
Stay Blessed.


  1. Southern Girl9:49 am

    It looks like for at least the moment if you already have the Followers widget and you are publishing through blogger then it will not disappear just yet. I added bloglovin as well just in case but that took no time and everyone is still there thankfully.

  2. ghanaianemprezz12:57 pm

    Yes, I guess prevention is better than cure!


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