L4LPSC: 2nd Check In!!

Glory be to God!! I've stuck to this challenge to the teeth; incredibly amazing and this is the first time I've lasted this long in a challenge! Get the first update on Loving My Hair Update .It's been quite a smooth challenge, especially, as I'm able to keep my hair off my shoulders, which has become a habit. The big part of this challenge required me to learn how to style my hair in order to keep the ends tucked away.
Styling: Initially, my worry was that I would get stuck with buns but that vanished within the first week as I got creative with tucked in styles and now, I've come to love the elegant look these styles give me. I've also come with other creative styles and even learnt how to bantu knot!! I've also gained speed in  flexi rod sets, which is a plus. Not forgetting the fact that I, actually, created my first bun with my own hair.

Moreover, I believe my decision to join the challenge was influenced by my desire to set a good example for other Ghanaian ladies on a hair journey who have yet to grasp the fact that protective styling does not always imply wearing weaves, which is the norm. Even though the crotchet braids  came out early, I got ladies interested in trying other forms of protective styles minus weaves.

Let's talk about products:  Wearing most own hair for most of the time pushed me to experiment with various deep conditioning, co-washing and moisturizing and sealing techniques to ensure that my hair was in top shape. This challenge came at the peak of the harmattan season but I didn't fret over breakage because I gave my hair all the attention it needed. Giving the hair more moisture ensured that I broke the rules of harmattan season; losing the hair to the dry weather! Now, we are moving to the wet season and the game has turned round. Though I'll be using moisture, I'll be doing a bit of hard protein treatment- mainly with egg. I don't want to have moisture overload; the rains will come with more moisture. I've also come to know more about the effectiveness of my hair products. Did I tell you styling your own hair saves money? You don't spend loads of Cedis on extensions!

Let's talk about regimen: One of the requirement was to deep condition at least twice a month. I have done my best to deep condition on a weekly basis- see post here and here. Doing so has helped me avoid breakage and excessive shedding. Also, I came to know which products worked well for co-washing/shampooing/ moisturizing and sealing.

Length retention: I have indeed retain some length; when I look at the hair in the mirror, I get excited. However, shrinkage doesn't do my hair the justice it deserves and I know it's going to get worse with this transitioning phase. I don't have fly away hair during bunning meaning all the hair fit perfectly into a bun.

For the rest of the challenge: I've incorporated scarves into the styling routine- started today and it was lovely. The funny thing is I used to think scarves were expensive until I mustered courage to visit one of the cosmetic stands. It cost me 2.50 gh; I can make a budget for more scarves. I may not get the corn rows for this Easter season as I plan of learning how to flat twist so I can get creative with flat twists and scarf styles!

Thank you for all the support you've been giving me. May God bless you in all your endeavors!



  1. Yes doing your own hair DEFINITELY saves money - hands down! Like you said protective styling doesn't automatically equal weaves/wigs, nor does it mean being boring in the same bun, great point!


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