Marley Locs Failure Again

I've been so sad since Yesterday because of the difficulties I was having with this locs. This is not the first time I've attempted getting this style installed only to take it down for one main reason- pain.

If you've been reading my posts on hair regimen and products, then, you'll know I've been complaining of being too tender headed which makes it very difficult to cope with styles have to do with braiding. Well, this locs wasn't any different. After two days of enduring the pain, I gave up. I regret not sticking to my good old weaves which guarantee me less pain.

 Anyway, as I write this post, I'm nursing a very very sore scalp that I can't even touch. To add to my woes, I thought having it wrapped away from my shoulders would have helped ease the pain but that still didn't help. The braiding process wasn't painful so it was a bit of surprise to have that level of soreness I was experiencing. Well, I have kept my afro twist since it wasn't cut into piece and can still be used for other styles. Right now, am really unhappy about my wasted money and time-it hurts so bad so am not going to even thinking about what to do except to get the scalp to heal.

I'll keep you updated.



  1. Southern Girl6:33 am

    Is there anything that relieves pain when your scalp is hurting? I would be sad and frustrated too so I understand and I'm sorry this happened to you again. I'm not very tenderheaded but even when I get braids I have to take a painkiller a few nights and spray my scalp well with braid spray to kill the irritation for a few days.


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