Week 11 Update- New Wash Routine

Well, at least, a different approach.
For this week, I commenced the wash day with a pre-poo my oil mix as part of experimenting with the Crème of Nature detangling shampoo. What I did different with this pre-poo is that instead of just working the oil through the hair at once, I sectioned it into six and applied the oil to each section.  Covered for close to an hour and went under the shower to wet the hair, applied the shampoo to each section.

The instant benefit was using less shampoo since I could get to the scalp properly. Moreover, I could control the amount of shampoo I applied to each section. Went back under the shower and rinsed out the shampoo, section by section.  To add to this, the shampoo left the hair pretty moisturized and I could get the oil out without using too much shampoo. My initial fear of pre-pooing whilst using the CON shampoo was because it left no dryness, nor squeaky clean feeling;  I thought adding oils would mean using more shampoo to get rid of it.

What happened? No tangles!! Usually, I’m extremely careful after shampooing in order not to experience tangles- doesn’t work always. Now, no tangles and I could pass my hand through the hair and apply the deep conditioner in about 3 minutes compared to almost 10 minutes; I had to be extra slow to avoid breakage and tangles.

I went in for Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing conditioner; a little bit of protein does my hair a lot of good. I left it on for about 45 minutes, spent that time watching musicals on TV! Saw a video of one of my favourite artistes, Bruno Mars –When I was your man.

Anyway, I set the bantu knots by adding some gel to each section. However, it failed to fully dry by Saturday morning. Worse still, I experienced some breakage with about two knots and wouldn't therefore, use gel for hold the next time I do it.
On to the pictures; from the twisted sections for washing and the bantu knots.

Then the results of the knots!!

I simply did a tuck in- still L4LPSC! 

That's it guys-ladies.lol

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Annette Akye11:42 pm

    nice to see the shampoo actually lived to its name, i'll suggest you try the bantu knots on dry hair unless you intend to go under the dryer, on the gel makes it worse, altho i like the loose curls it created wld be nice for an updo

  2. ghanaianemprezz6:10 pm

    I'll avoid the gel the next time and I do love this shampoo

  3. Tonkabelle8:09 pm

    Your bantu knot out is nice and so is your tucked hair, simple yet lovely.

  4. ghanaianemprezz8:59 pm

    thank u!!!!!!!

  5. Stella Nyadzi12:46 pm

    That shampoo is the real deal.........it really leaves no tangles on both natural and relaxed hair!! Mine is used up and I can't wait to get my hands on another bottle!! Oh, and I love what you did with the bantu knot out fail....thats the same style I did when I was about 3 months post and my 2nd knot tryout in Dec 12 didn't dry properly. My first was in Aug 12 and it looked great cos it dried completely. Hmmmmmmmm, maybe, wash day may have to be friday evenings if one wants to do a bantu knot and airdry.


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