Relaxer Stretch: 15 Weeks Post

Wow! I’ve now entered a new phase of my hair journey. I haven’t gone beyond 13 weeks of relaxer stretch before so this is totally new to me. I’ll be sharing some few things with you concerning my struggles.
First of all, the temptation still persists when it comes to relaxing. What has helped me is the absence of my relaxer box- which I have given away. Without this step, I know I’d have relaxed my hair. Also, 70% of the time, I don’t feel like relaxing, I don’t know how that has come about; rather, I look forward to seeing how my hair looks like in the coming months. Furthermore, haven ruled out a big chop has made me very relaxed (no pun intended). I adore my hair too much to cut it off!!!
Love of new growth has also given me a great deal of joy. That love sees me through my moments of weakness. I’m grate for the 4c texture I have and look forward to working with it for the rest of my life!
Am hooked to my length so I guess that is helping me with the transition.  The protective style challenge has given me a lot of length retention; I can’t wait for the final check in about 2 weeks time. It’s so great that I bless the Lord for giving me the courage and wisdom to join and stick to the challenge rules. I currently have 3 down days left which I’ll be using in the coming days. My hair with all the shrinkage sits comfortably on my shoulders which means I’m back to my pre big chop length. I’ve made a promise not to do a short look because of the stress I went through the first time.

Protective styles- I’ve still failed at keeping long term protective styles so I’ve been pushed into no-extensions hiatus. The weather here in Tamale is darn too hot for comfort; all the styles I see are short weaves, braids which are not even common. Most people wear their own hair in updos so I don’t regret taking down the yarn twists. You can literally feel the heat emanating from the earth! Sleep is a luxury too unless your fan works very well or you develop a good ventilation system to see you through the nigth!!!
Daily maintain- I’ve observed my hair when dry and damp- the new technique is to moisten the hair with water, add s-curl and top up with oil. The hair states moisturized for two days so that will be the trend, am able to comb through the hair with ease with that technique. Thank you, Jesus.

Perm rods- I got some and am looking forward to doing twist and curl and perm rod set. I wish the sun was like that back in Accra where the hair could dry up in less than an hour with roller sets and perm rods. Am currently working on getting the hooded dryer to aid with these styles to make the transition less stressful.
Finally, one of my close buddies accused me of leaving her out of the hair journey the first time I went natural so this time, she’s hooked to my transition. We are going to be transitioning buddies, which will also help with handling temptations!

I’m gathering some pictures of Tamale that I’ll be sharing with you.

Happy Easter!!!


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