Conditioner Wash Day @ 16 weeks post

Yes, I have the weekly updates in order to track my weekly progress and for the sake of some sweet ladies in Gh who are following my transitioning journey in order to have a guide as to what transitioning entails.
My natural hair (NH) stays more moisturized than the relaxed one (RH). I sometimes M&S twice a day in order to prevent dryness yet at the end of the day, the RH feels dry and it only stays moisturized only after deep conditioning or co-washing. I attempted GHE but by morning, the hair was dry as opposed to the dampness I usually get. Yeah, that’s the weather for you! I have also noticed that my hair sucks up much more oil than usual.
I have to do some small sealing in the night before bed if I  want to avoid extreme dryness- at least am able to work with a bit of dryness not the extreme. So far, I have noticed that a lot of ladies wear their hair up- buns, ponytails, cornrow updos because of the sweat. It’s good that it’s a must to have my ends tucked away so I don’t have broken ends and don’t have to worry about sweating as a result of having my hair down. Am truly happy with my length now!

My desire to relax seems to have diminished by 90% now. For the rest of the year, I want to fight my constant urge to use extensions and weaves when I can’t leave them in for more than a fortnight. 
Conditioner Wash

Since I didn’t bring the CON shampoo along, I simply applied the sheabeutemia moisturizing conditioner (you should check out their site for awesome giveaways open to everyone, anywhere- I’ve already enteredJ). Then, I some added oils to the hair, left it on for about 30 minutes and washed it out whilst taking my bath. This hair felt so soft, smooth, supple and unbelievably moisturized throughout the day after I applied S-curl and oil to seal! I did a roll and tuck and called it a day!
I need a holding cream that wouldn’t leave my hair crunchy like the last time- Am thinking of ORS Smooth and hold pudding. 
Any suggestions?

Stay blessed!


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