Curly Afro On Relaxed Hair

I felt for some curls so I tried on my hands on a twist and curl which turned out GREAT!! I got weave/wig checked throughout the day both at work and on my way home. Some friends requested for a tutorial so here it is! Be sure to comment, share and subscribe! For those who can't view the video, the tutorial is below with pictures!.

1. Water
2. Sheabutter
3. Clips
 4. Small perm rods
5. Afro comb
6. Hair net / weave cap

1. Section the hair into at least four
2. Take one section and further divide so you can easily work with it
3. Add water and some sheabutter to the a section and twist
4. Roll the twisted section on the perm rod and secure it
5. Use a satin cap or hair net to hold the rods in place
6. Gently unravel when taking the twist and use the Afro comb to pick the roots of the hair to avoid loosing the definition at the ends. Voila!!

Stay Blessed!


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