Relaxer Update (5): L4LPSC Final Check In And Length Check!

4 solid months of protective styling challenge had officially ended on the 15th but this is the final check in plus length updates!!! LOADS OF PICTURES!
To start with, I signed up on 9th January [sign up post here] This is what I wrote at the end of the sign up post ,"Wishing myself the best. Expect monthly updates (Lord, get rid of any mishap that will prevent this. Amen). Indeed, the Lord gave me the strength to complete this challenge!
The Rules of engagement were:

  1. Wear your hair down no more than 7 days. {Won} January and February saw me wear the hair down twice but even in these situations, it didn't take me more than 3 hours to tuck them back again! In March, I didn't wear it down; I used up the remaining days in April.
  2. Only one use of direct heat.  {Won}  I only flatironed the front of my hair once when I wanted to wear it down!
  3. Deep condition twice per month.  {Did more than twice} I, most certainly adhered to the rule and went beyond. As long as I wore my own hair, I deep conditioned weekly. None of my extensions went beyond two weeks so there was no need to deep condition in them.
  4. Hide your ends during all protective styles.  {Won} My ends were always tucked away and now, despite the challenge ending, my brain keeps telling my hands to keep my ends tucked away!
The first check in was on 3rd February-Loving my hair-An update  and the second one was on 3rd March {link to 2nd check in
I rocked some crotchet braids- link here, buns, roll and tuck ( have a picture tutorial of that here) and then Yarn twist
Relaxer day for December, 2012 and April, 2013

Another view...

 For my sign up, I used a picture taken at 3 weeks post relaxer. I didn't have much growth but to ensure that I had a proper view of length retention I took another pix the on the 12th right after getting out of the shower, the other one was taken on 27th April at the salon.

See "It's Over" for earlier pictures of my relaxer day! On to the starting picture I used. The start picture (sign up picture) was taken at almost 3 weeks post whilst the "end" picture was taken at 2 weeks post both airdried

Roller set on 27th April-different angles achieved via combing in different directions...

Now that I have this post up, I have an appointment to trim those horrible ends off by Thursday.
How did I fare in length retention?

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  1. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!! Good job!

  2. Anonymous5:22 pm

    You made great progress! check out your bangs, they are definitely longer.

    1. Thanks. I've trimmed those thin ends off!

  3. i think you did a great job with your hair goals! your hair looks really shiny :)

  4. Great Job! I will vote for you! All the best.

  5. Great job love the thickness!

  6. Good work dear i will be coming for lessons

  7. Im trying to vote for you but cant find what to click on on the website and clocking you brings me back here to your website :(

    1. Kindly click on the little star by "vote"

  8. You did a great job!!! :))


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