Mid week wash: Twist with Perm rods

I’m back to Accra after my holidays in Tamale! I already miss my family. Anyway, when I came home, I decided to wash the hair since I’d not used a shampoo in 2 weeks. With all the oils I’d applied, there was no need to pre-poo with oil so I only diluted the shampoo to allow for easy distribution. I sectioned the hair into four and worked with those sections till the end of the wash using clips to hold them in place.

Can you guess what happened? The water was chocolate in colour after the first shampoo showing that the hair had a substantial product build up aka too dirty! It took 4 washes to get clear water!!! I towel dried for 5 minutes and applied Dark and Lovely Anti breakage treatment, covered with shopping bag for 30 minutes and then, rinsed. I allowed it to air dry for another 5 minutes before detangling with a wide tooth comb. Because I wanted to do a twist out, I used a medium tooth comb when I was doing the twist to kill two birds with one stone; detangle and twist all together. I took a small section, detangled, applied S-curl and then twisted. Then, came the perm rods which I used to roll the ends to prevent unraveling. With all the twist out attempts I've made, today’s one turned out the most defined but poor lighting in the room didn't do the hair justice! I got a huge afro like twist out!!

I'm still in search of a holding cream that wouldn't leave the hair crunchy! 
Any suggestions?


  1. Ghlonghair10:38 am

    Hehhheh...4 washes!! Great results...we do have to get some good lighting, don't we? Been watching some DIY ways on Youtube. This is getting money-intensive by the day...lol!!

  2. Why dont you try making a holding cream yourself, that way you control what goes into it and the feel you want it to leave your hair.


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