My First Half Wig!!

I miss you guys!!! I hope you had an awesome easter. As for me, I was working on my first half wig.

For those with slow internet connections .Here are the instructions.
You need a latch hook crotchet needle/bobby pin and old hair from a kinky marley twist out.
I don't have a mannequin head so i used my bedsheet as a round surface(improvision at it's best).

1.Section your hair by leaving out some in the front and braid the hair in the back.
2.Place the neeted cap unto your head to cover the braided hair.
3.Pull the netted cap for the excess and cut it or sew it to the cap.The cap expands so make sure you have the correct size for your head.
4.Push your latch hook or bobby pin into one of the holes and move about five hole outwards.

5.Place a strand of the old marley twist out into the hook of the latch hook crotchet needle/bobby pin and pull the hair out.
6.Tie the hair in a loop dont apply too much force therwise you will rip the netting.

 7. Continue moving aroung the netted cap until you fillin the spaces.
8. If you dont have a mannequin head,its better you try it on at various intervals so you know where to fill in with more hair.

 9Twist the hair infront.I did this overnight.
10.Unravel the twist.

11. Blend your hair with that of the wig by twisting single strands of your hair with the marley hair.
12. You may tie with a scarf or just rock it like that.

The hair was too big for me, so I cut out some of the hair and used a razor to shape the ends.
Thank you and Enjoy your hair!!!


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